The "Original" Squaw Valley Motel... circa 1950



The "Original" Squaw Valley Motel was built in 1950, shortly after the opening of California State Highway 180 which provided access to the Kings Canyon & Sequoia National Parks. Situated on the highway in the community of Squaw Valley, it was the gateway to the parks. It originally consisted of 6 single motel rooms with an adjacent cafe for both guests, tourists, and local residents. Motels of this era were very compact in size and provided very basic lodging services.


Over the years the motel evolved. The cafe moved to an adjacent lot and was replaced by a manager's unit. A swimming pool, one of the first in the area, was added in the early 60's, followed shortly thereafter by a second lodging building with 3 double rooms. It remains much the same today... a reminder of the past when the pace of life was much slower. 




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